Our Story

WE are a group of creatively inclined and successful individuals who asked ourselves one time..

WHAT if we DID not have to answer to silly Corporate CLIENTS (the bigger and more money they had, the sillier they got).

IF we were so SURE that our IDEAS would work, Why don’t we FUND and do our DREAM projects ourselves

And this was how Whiplash Entertainment Ph was born


Inquirer June 13, 2016
Inquirer June 13, 2016










Our Core Value System

  • WE put our OWN Money where are Mouths are
  • WE treat each audience/participant like a King
  • WE put a premium on Brevity and Convenience
  • WE only get into something if we know what we are doing inside out
  • WE have to be COOL, EDGY and RELEVANT, less one, we abort
  • WE Respect every partner like a partner,
    • lest’s be fair
    • let’s give credit where credit is due
    • and lets keep it serious but really fun
  • WE believe projects and crowd sourcing are super simple, as long as…
    • We are passionate about the project
    • We agree on a clear cut direction
    • We stick to the plan


Tour De Timor 2018
WE did this too








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